Factoring - advancing payments from debtor customers

Many businesses use a factoring service, discounting invoices from debtor customers. Factoring is an efficient means of continuing current business activity, whether promoting new transactions or paying salaries. With us, waiting for the 30-plus-day payment period is unnecessary. RTMI will pay you the invoice to settle immediately!

With factoring, you don’t have to wait for your customers to pay. We transfer the money to you immediately, and the refund is issued to us only when your customer has transferred the payment. This risk-free process ensures you get the funds you need without any financial burden.

Off-balance sheet financing of future invoices without increasing liabilities.

Personal and professional service all over the way.

The financing amount is 100% of the invoice.

Import financing

Many businesses in the Israeli economy import goods from various suppliers worldwide. These businesses pay in cash to purchase the goods, which is a tremendous financial burden on the importers. RTMI provides these credit limits as needed.

Our import financing process is designed to be quick and straightforward. With just a copy of an invoice, bill of lading, and any other relevant import document, you can access the credit you need.

It helps your business activity scope, flexibility, and continued economic growth.

Allows you to benefit from a cash discount as a bargaining tool

Business loans

Many businesses in the Israeli economy rely on loans, whether for purchasing inventory, business renovation, or bridging flow gaps. RTMI is aware of this need and helps businesses by providing adaptive solutions tailored to their needs. RTMI allows you to increase and leverage your business.

Our loans are versatile, serving as a bridge for short-term financial needs, providing working capital, funding projects, and fueling business growth.

Suitable for businesses to salvage money in exchange for future receipts.

Flexible deployment range, depending on the customer’s needs

Enjoy the convenience of direct transfer to your business’s bank account.

Equipment Financing

Many businesses, whether new or in the establishment process, need to finance equipment like machines and other unique tools. This is usually a costly step that requires extensive financing. RTMI offers equipment financing solutions that will help you complete this procedure without injecting equity capital.

Our full financing option covers up to 100% of the equipment, ensuring that you have the comprehensive support you need for your business’s growth.

Deployment terms with the option of several years

An efficient financing channel that does not affect the obligation

Business growth and development mechanism

Simple and fast procedure


A guarantee is an existing need in the economy when we are required to give it when signing an agreement for a significant purchase and rental to guarantee payments. RTMI allows you to receive a business guarantee on favorable and attractive terms.

Financial flexibility: There is no need to freeze funds, which allows for the clearing of a frame in the bank for the sake of streamlining and developing the business

Professional adjustment of the type of guarantee, according to the customer’s needs easily and quickly

It does not affect the banking obligation

Simple and fast procedure

Project financing

In today’s world, everything happens here and now—TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. A rapid response will decide whether you’ll get the deal or see it pass to your competitor because your reaction was too late.

RTMI knows this phenomenon and understands the importance of a quick, professional, and focused response. We are committed to giving you the best service for achieving the deal close!

As the saying goes, TIME IS MONEY. The speed of response to the transaction at hand is of most importance. RTMI arranges financing swiftly, efficiently, and professionally, all tailored to the customer’s needs.

Obtaining financing in a straightforward procedure against relevant collateral.

Personal and professional service all over the way.

Business growth and development mechanism.

High financing percentages.

At any given moment, we are working towards realizing our vision. To be the leading company in providing digital financing solutions for businesses in Israel

T.L.H. Failure to meet the repayment of the loan or repayment of the credit may result in arrears interest being charged and enforcement procedures. The above should not be considered an obligation to grant a loan or provide credit. All content on the RTMI website is general information, and it does not constitute legal advice as defined by law and does not pretend to be such advice. Those interested in legal advice should contact a lawyer in the relevant field. Actions taken based on the information and details mentioned on this website are the user’s sole responsibility, and the website owners are not responsible for any damage or consequences caused by relying on the information on this website.

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